Extreme hybrid Ebike 350w-1000w

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The Extreme hybrid eBike offers fun and versatility in one affordable package. Ranging from 350w to 1000w this lighter weight full suspension eBike can have you off road using leg power or speeding uphill through trails on full twist and go throttle, doing jumps, and then locked up like a standard bike. 

This bike is incredibly practical as it will visually fit in with normal style bikes on a commute, blast trails and store conventionally. The front is also a godsend when reaching speeds of up to 30mph over uneven roads, potholes and off-road riding. The gears are smooth and easy to flick through, and the display will let you know how much power you have left, what speed you are travelling and which speed mode you are in.
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Advanced electrionic control system, stable performance,safety and reliability. 

Silver star efficiency mechanical disc brake system, high sensitivity, long service life.

LED highlight headlights for safer riding.

Fast unlock and locking portable lithium battery. Easy attatch and detach to charge battery indoors.

LED control, screen accelerated three-lamp power display.

Grinded steel handle aluminum alloy 3D forging strong and anti-rust.

Aluminum alloy beaded pedal sturdy and durable.

Special high speed brushless tooth motor for san marino 9 core waterline

Rubber handle grips